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Are you buying, renting or renovating a home or condo that was built before 1978?
WHO Needs One

Remodeling Contractors
EPA Certified Lead Safe Contractors
Property Managers
Insurance Companies
Mortgage Companies
Housing Authorities


All inspections are done with a Viken Pb200i Spectrum Analyzer opposed to chemical test kits that can give frequent inaccurate results. All required EPA recordkeeping for testing is done by us. Testing reports are supplied to the contractor and the homeowner as required in order to be EPA compliant. LTC also keeps records of all tests performed in case of a client audit. Take the worries out of buying expensive chemical tests, providing certified renovators to do testing, and generating proper records to be in compliance and avoid huge fines and possible lawsuits. 

WHAT activities are subject
to RRP

In general, any activity that disturbs paint in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities, including:
-Remodeling and repair/maintenance
-Electical work
-Painting preparation
-Window replacement

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